New eBook: Content Strategies for Winning in the Age of the Customer

A new eAgeoftheCustomerCover_US_200Book became available today for marketing and IT professionals who are under pressure to develop omni-channel content strategies that better engage customers. The key to meeting this requirement is to first understand the customer – who today, it’s been proven, owns the buying process.

To really understand customers we need to know what type of content they prefer at which stage of their purchase journey (this can include product datasheets, educational peices, thought leadership, interactive apps, etc.) as well as their preferred channel (in most cases mobile will be high on the list).

Armed with customer preferences it’s possible to decide when, how and where to engage targets and with what content. Where marketing and IT departments get tripped up is creating all this new, multi-channel content in a way that can be managed, reused, updated and delivered across mediums…all while avoiding the need for more money, more people and a ton of duplicate content.

The new eBook Content Strategies for Winning in the Age of the Customer reinforces the power of today’s buyer, defines today’s most important content types and introduces concepts for improving content creation and management (hint: automation).