Lufthansa Cargo Attracts Customers, Partners and Enthusiasts with HTML5 Apps

Enabling sales teams with accurate, up-to-date and engaging content can be a struggle, even (and perhaps especially) for the world’s largest global companies. With a sales force and customers distributed all around the world, a huge fleet of aircraft and a range of services, how does a leader in airfreight communicate with its most valuable audiences?

Lufthansa Cargo, in conjunction with the German design agency PRH Hamburg, managed to answer that question with one solution: a mobile corporate app. Using the digital publishing solution App Studio, the team created what is essentially an always-on toolkit of updated company information that top management and sales can use when meeting with customers. But Lufthansa Cargo didn’t stop there. Understanding the value of visually appealing, engaging content (the kind that today’s consumer demands) the team made the app available as a free public download for iOS and Android devices. The app is also available as a Web app.

Initial feedback to Lufthansa Cargo’s corporate app has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the team has won a handful of awards for their innovative approach to digital publishing and digital marketing.

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